The Smartest Way to Learn Guitar

Learning guitar without a clear plan can be a huge waste of time and money. The Smart Guitarist provides the clarity and structure you need to succeed at learning guitar and build a skill for a lifetime.
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Avoid the frustration of getting stuck while learning guitar on your own

And succeed in a proven system
  • Learn to play rhythms

  • Read musical notation

  • Play chord progressions

  • Play for longer periods

  • Weekly live lessons

  • Start feeling musical

  • The Smart Guitarist provides you a clear plan to not only learn guitar, but shows you how the instrument works. You'll approach learning guitar musically, bypassing all the frustration that comes with learning on your own. Our structured and patient philosophy provides the clarity you need to succeed.

    Don't just play guitar: give yourself the gift of music.

    Thousands of people choose to learn guitar.

    Learn what you need to succeed

    Clear Explanations

    Everything is better when you understand why you're doing something. The Smart Guitarist just makes sense and you'll be better off for it.

    A Structured Plan

    You can't improve if you don't have a plan to do it. Our plan is designed to make sure you'll never get stuck and always have something to do.

    That Musical Feeling

    Can only come about when you've started reaching the goals on your journey with a community of your peers.

    The Fretscapes philosophy takes out all the guesswork and confusion in learning guitar. In the Smart Guitarist, you will confidently learn to play, use the skill, and accomplish that goal you've always wanted. Along with a community of people just like you, anything is possible.

    Don't waste your time and money

    • Browsing endless YouTube videos

    • Playing random exercises

    • Paying for monthly tricks and hacks

    • Using ineffective guitar apps

    Instead, you can be apart of a musical system that helps you succeed playing music and being musical.

    What students are saying

    Everything just made sense...

    Taking the Smart Guitarist program was a complete eye-opener for me. Aside from being an incomparable musician, Tony's real super power is his ability to explain things. His plan helped a total beginner become a confident player. The action points alone are worth the price of admission!

    -Alan Kotzman Eastport, NY

    Tony Rizzotto

    Artist - Educator

    I'm the guide that helps people learn guitar in a supportive, musical way. I've licensed my music all around the world to help people just like you succeed at learning guitar.

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