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There are no tricks to memorizing how to use the guitars fretboard well. Familiar Shapes and Patterns is the most musical explanation of how the guitar works anywhere and it's simple enough for complete beginners or anyone with years of experience.
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You Don't Just Improve Through Practice

Guitarmony, Explained

The rules of theory and harmony apply to all instruments, but work differently on guitar. Learn these concepts in a common sense approch.

Think Like A Guitar

Using the same old tricks has the same outcome. Learn to think like a guitar and you'll never run out of options, again.

Improve With Your Peers

Engage in 8 weekly group lessons with Fretscapes creator Tony Rizzotto, to get your playing to the next level.

Unlock The Guitars Fretboard

Learn To:

  • Use Shapes to navigate the guitar neck

  • Understand basic theory and harmony concepts on guitar

  • Build up your reading ability through weekly practice

  • Isolate problem areas to improve

What students are saying

A great source of motivation...

Tony's ability to connect with people in an engaging way helps build on a lifetime of guitar appreciation. His incomparable talent combined with his method of teaching have been a great source of motivation and inspiration.

-Summer Parker Lexington, MA

The Fretscapes Roadmap

Take the struggle out of learning guitar

The Fretscapes philosophy takes out all the guesswork and confusion in learning guitar. With the Fretscapes Roadmap, you will confidently learn to play, use the skill, and accomplish that goal you've always wanted. Along with a community of people just like you anything is possible.

What song will you play first?

Tony Rizzotto

Artist - Educator

I'm the guide that helps people learn guitar in a supportive, musical way. I've licensed my music all around the world to help people just like you succeed at learning guitar.

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