Build Your Guitar Skill Musically With Rhythm

Essential Rhythms is a complete answer to where everyone goes wrong with learning. If you've ever been stuck, are stuck, or trying to prevent getting stuck with your playing, then this is the answer you've been looking for.
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Transform Your Playing By Getting Smarter

A Plan To Improve

Improve your playing while improving your musical knowledge. Rhythm is, has, and always will be the real way to improve your playing.

Put Learning Into Action

Just doing things is never be enough. Action items put you to work and hold you accountable in our private community.

Never Get Stuck Again

Gain the tools you need to overcome any challenge in your playing and thrive as you take your skill to the next level.

A Smarter Path To Improvement

Learn To:

  • Build your rhythmic vocabulary

  • Think like a guitarist

  • Transcribe rhythms by ear

  • Play music that challenges you to improve

What students are saying

Just a really good teacher...

This was awesome. No gimmicks, no flashy lights or lame guitar apps. Just a really good teacher helping me learn to play music. Everyone says this, but it's true: The action items really keep you on point. It's so well organized.

-Matt Bryson Fairburn, GA

The Fretscapes Roadmap

Take the struggle out of learning guitar

The Fretscapes philosophy takes out all the guesswork and confusion in learning guitar. With the Fretscapes Roadmap, you will confidently learn to play, use the skill, and accomplish that goal you've always wanted. Along with a community of people just like you anything is possible.

What song will you play first?

Tony Rizzotto

Artist - Educator

I'm the guide that helps people learn guitar in a supportive, musical way. I've licensed my music all around the world to help people just like you succeed at learning guitar.

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