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  • Strum and play rhythms confidently

  • Conquer any song with 3 simple steps

  • Develop the ability to listen and play what you hear

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    1. The Smart Guitarist

    Designed for anyone who's starting out, returing after a break, or anyone having a hard time learning, The Smart Guitarist is a patient, musical approach to learning to play guitar. We focus on the intricacies of the guitar and how to use them to our advantage while we learn to play music.

    Smart Guitarist will cover all the beginning musical concepts you need in a clear, concise way. You'll learn both pick and finger-style approaches to playing and build the foundation to play any style of music you want.

    All you need is a guitar (any guitar will do: acoustic, electric or classical!) and 10-15 minute a day to practice - Fretscapes will take care of the rest.


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    2. Essential Rhythms

    The Essential Rhythms are the building blocks for improving your guitar playing ability. Learn to use rhythm to develop your pick or fingerstyle technique while building up your musical skillset though demonstrations, lectures, and enough music to keep you busy for months.

    We study rhythm because it's the most important aspect of music and the one topic other guitar programs miss time and time again. You'll not only learn these rhythms, but learn to hear them in the music you love most.

    Aside from the the normal course, extras include active listening activities, exercises and music that are updated regularly to incorporate new activites.


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    3. Familiar Shapes and Patterns

    The backbone of the Fretscapes methodoloy. Develop a more complete picture of how the guitar works and how to use this to play more music, be more expressive and just have more fun playing the guitar. This will introduce the very basics of music theory on guitar, or "guitarmony" as we like to call it.

    Previous experience within Fretscapes is not required, but rather a solid understanding of the skills learned through 'The Smart Guitarist' and 'Essential Rhythms': open position chords, understanding of rhythm, basic notation skills.

    A complete music course with lectures, playable examples and select songs to study and develop your skill to the next level.


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    4. Logical Ear Training

    This is the ear-training course for everyone else. Every person who picks up an instrument one day dreams of "playing what they hear", but most believe this is an ability left to a select few. While it does take time to develop, Logical Ear Training works by teaching you HOW to hear with actionable steps to build the skill naturally. Only at Fretscapes.

    Learning how to hear music is actually the easy part - playing it on the guitar is a different matter. This is an approach to ear-training solely for the guitar.

    All you need is a guitar (any guitar will do: acoustic, electric or classical!) and 10-15 minute a day to practice - Fretscapes will take care of the rest.


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