Learn guitar with simple programs and a clear plan.

Learning guitar without a clear plan can be a huge waste of time and money. At Fretscapes, our structured, patient philosophy provides the clarity you need to succeed.

Don't just play guitar: give yourself the gift of music.

Take the struggle out of learning guitar

The Fretscapes philosophy takes out all the guesswork and confusion in learning guitar. With the Fretscapes Roadmap, you will confidently learn to play, use the skill, and accomplish that goal you've always wanted.

What song will you play first?

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Your Plan to Succeed at Guitar

1. Enroll in Fretscapes

You can enroll in any course that fits your needs or follow the Fretscapes Roadmap for a total experience.

2. Follow the Plan

Each program is packed with simple, no-fluff music training that keeps you engaged and helps build a strong foundation on guitar.

3. Play Music

Thrive at home playing the music you've always desired. Understand how to maintain and grow your skill, musically.

**hint** there's no luck required!

Tony Rizzotto

Artist - Educator

I'm the guide that helps people learn guitar in a supportive, musical way. I've licensed my music all around the world to help people just like you succeed at learning guitar.

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