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Start your guitar journey on a musical note. Simple online programs that develop the clarity you need to play music.

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Millions of People Dream About Learning the Guitar at Some Point in Their Life

And so many give up because...
  • Private lessons can get expensive

  • Information overload

  • Modern methods aren't working

  • Nobody's given you a plan

  • Hurdles preventing advancement

  • Not feeling musical

  • If you're just starting out, learning guitar without a clear plan can be a huge waste of time and money. At Fretscapes, our structured and patient philosophy provides the clarity you need to succeed.

    Don't just play guitar: give yourself the gift of music.


  • Clear Instruction
  • Concise Information
  • Comprehensive Experience
  • Learning Smarter Starts With


    Start learning guitar with a proven plan. Avoid the frustration of getting stuck with clear explanations, demonstrations and action points to keep you learning.

    We'll Keep It Simple Because It


    Action points keep you focused on what you need to keep learning. No tricks, hacks or secrets: just fun music. Go as fast or as slow as you like - you'll never be behind.

    We're Not Just Doing Things


    You get better at music by learning music - Fretscapes is a proven musical system that will be the simplest musical instruction you've ever had - guaranteed!

    Thousands of people choose to learn guitar.

    A Smart Plan To Learn Guitar

    1. Enroll in the Smart Guitarist

    Enroll in the Smart Guitarist to begin learning a structured, goal-oriented approach to building music skill.

    2. Complete your Action Points

    Each module is packed with Action Points that keep you playing music and save you the frustration of getting stuck.

    3. Enjoy that Musical Feeling

    Thrive at home playing the music you've always desired. Understand how to maintain and grow your skill, musically.

    **hint** there's no luck required!

    What's My Investment?

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Gear
  • Music Made Easy

    The Smart Guitarist


    Complete 6 Module Program

    Smart Practice

    Get that Musical Feeling

    Only 15 minutes!

    every day you can play

    Any Guitar Will Do

    Do More With Less

  • Any Guitar
  • Tuner
  • Pencil
  • Computer
  • + a positive attitude

    It doesn't take a fortune to show up and learn. You can do more with less.

    Tony Rizzotto

    Artist - Educator

    I'm the guide that helps people learn guitar in a supportive, musical way. I've licensed my music all around the world to help people just like you succeed at learning guitar.

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